• 1800S Our roots go back to our grandfathers who were sail makers back in the 19th century. Our family legacy of over a hundred years lives in our last name
  • 1877 Tough conditions of the wartime forces our grandfathers to immigrate.
  • 1967 Our new generation family members start their tailoring journey.
  • 1972 We are back on the road with a small atelier.
  • 1983 We established Turkey’s pioneering modern mass production atelier.
  • 1996 By Four Hands was founded
  • 2003 By Sergio Barone was founded
  • 2005 Evolving into its new corporate identity, Yelkenci has grown into something bigger with the same care and passion when it started out.
  • 2011 Italian fabric brand Finitura Felice was incorporated into Yelkenci.
  • 2013 Having reached Sartorial proficiency We started giving Made to Measure service following years of hard work