Premium lifestyle brand


Lifestyle Brand
Thanks to our vast network established in half a century of ‘play time’ in the Field, our existence in the cradle of the Textile World has enabled us to put together a design team to cater to all the needs of our clients

Our Head Art and Design Director Mr. Sergio Daricello, currently holding a position at the Academia delle Belle Arte di Universita di Palermo, Italy is supervising our collections always keeping up to date with the trends.


Our casual department has incorporated into our production platform garments for the industry. Be it a conglomerate or a family run small business our products of finest quality specifically made to the requirements of the business clients in their colors and with their logos make them stand out.

Innovation concept

Cotton blend or a simple combed cotton to go together with jeans or chinos in the fit you require be it loose or slim or baggy fit and to top it up outerwear made with prestigious fabrics or goose down filled parkas or the leather jacket that is a must in every one’s wardrobe.