First we dream, then we design and turn it into reality..

Attention to detail, impeccable quality

At Yelkenci we take pride in heritage. Attention to detail, impeccable quality are our musts which are passed along from generation to generation. On the other hand we are constantly monitoring latest technologies and our R&D department is developing new techniques and fabrics in order to bring to the market new innovations.

Encompassing Men’s and Ladies’ suits/jackets/pants/ skirts/coats in our production lines backed up by our expert pattern makers, we can produce anything from a full canvas jacket to business suits for Ladies.

Our pattern makers are of highest caliber applying our know how into the minute details which determine separate us from the rest and put us where we are today
Men’s Wear has been our core business for half a century now.

We bring our passion and expertise into finest tailoring possible. us where we are today

We work to provide our customers with additional options

Yelkenci has set a milestone being able to produce full canvas and half canvas jackets. We produce suits/jackets/pants/vests/coats/ceremonial putting in endless hours of R&D bring- ing innovation to give our clients additional choices. Be it our Ghost line where we specialize in lightweight garments made of prestigious fabrics with detail put in to workmanship. No lining, all details of our meticulous craftsmanship visible to be appreciated and enjoyed. Travel jackets are another addition where we bring in innovative fabrics minimizing wrinkle due to heavy travel.

We bring a new aspect to formal Men’s Wear where we emphasize comfort in our products for every day use.

Implementing traditional sartorial procedures carried out purely by hand, using Napolitan style sartorial workmanship helps us create pieces of art that excel in comfort, lightness and beauty..

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Full canvas tailorship, be it with or without lining, formal or sporty, does not use any adhesive fusing, completely created by skilled artisans. A state of the Art jacket must be Full Canvas